Let users verify their identity online

GOV.UK Verify allows users to prove their identity online, so you can be sure that people accessing your service are who they say they are. Using GOV.UK Verify to prove people's identity means you can build a fully digital service.

This guidance is for government teams building digital services. If you’re a member of the public you can find out more about GOV.UK Verify.

Benefits of GOV.UK Verify

Using GOV.UK Verify means you can be sure users are who they say they are, without having to build your own digital identity solution.

GOV.UK Verify also:

  • reduces identity fraud
  • saves departments money because it replaces expensive methods of proving identity like face-to-face services
  • protects user privacy
  • saves users time because they can use a single identity account to access different government services

Integrate GOV.UK Verify into your service

To integrate GOV.UK Verify into your service, there’s an onboarding process.

GOV.UK Verify is replacing Government Gateway soon. If you run a service that needs individuals to prove their identity, you must integrate GOV.UK Verify into your service. If your users are businesses or agents, continue using Government Gateway.

Why is GOV.UK Verify safe?

Who’s using GOV.UK Verify?

8 departments

16 services

Over 1.8 million verified accounts

GOV.UK Verify is integrated into services run by HMRC, DWP, DVLA, DEFRA and BEIS. More services are joining all the time. We’re also running pilots with several local authorities. Read more on the GOV.UK Verify blog.

Contact the team

Contact the team if you have any questions about GOV.UK Verify.

GOV.UK Verify is built and supported by a full time team at the Government Digital Service. The programme manager is Jessica McEvoy.

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